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SWOT LASERS  --- Since 1998, we only focus on lasers.  

FAQ for Dental Diode Laser

Classification: FAQ



Release Time:2023-08-21 11:24

1. Which laser we use to get tattoo removed?

  • The high prevalence of “tattoo regret” has caused millions of patients to seek tattoo removal. The technology used for tattoo removal treatments is called “Q-switch.” It is a specific type of quick, powerful pulse that shatters tattoo ink without harming surrounding skin tissue. Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers are the only proven method for removing tattoos safely without scarring.

2. How Laser Tattoo Removal Works?

  • Laser tattoo removal is currently the most common method for tattoo removal and returning the skin’s appearance to normal. The way tattoo removal lasers work is a miracle of modern science.
  • Tattoos are, essentially, suspensions of ink particles in the lower layers of the skin. Normally, the immune system removes foreign bodies trapped in the skin. But tattoo ink particles are too large for immune cells to process, so they linger indefinitely.
  • Laser removal works by targeting individual ink particles and breaking them down into smaller chunks using the power of light. Once sufficiently fragmented, immune cells can remove them, just as they would regular particles.
  • The tattoo removal laser penetrates the upper layers of the skin down to the subcutaneous level. It then jiggles the ink particles at just the right frequency for them to fall apart. Once scattered, the body then cleans up, removing the foreign particles, processing them, and then eliminating them as waste.