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SWOT LASERS  --- Since 1998, we only focus on lasers.  

FAQ for Veterinary Diode Laser

Classification: FAQ



Release Time:2023-08-21 12:40

1. What is laser therapy?

  • Laser therapy uses a beam of light to deeply penetrate tissue, absorbing into the cell without damaging it and inducing a response called “photo-bio-modulation,” which helps reduce pain. While treating the affected area, the laser light generates a feeling of gentle and soothing warmth.

2. How does veterinary laser therapy work?

  • Treatment protocols are unique to each patient and condition, varying in time. Laser therapy can also be used to enhance other treatment plans.
  • Laser therapy can be administered without touching the painful area, providing immediate pain relief and edema control to sensitive tissues. Therapeutic lasers are also used to stimulate muscle and acupuncture points painlessly and without needles so your pet is as comfortable as possible.

3. Why should need a laser therapy?

  • Therapy lasers are primarily used to reduce swelling, pain, and speed the healing process. These mechanisms allow us to successfully treat a wide range of conditions non-invasively and without drugs.
  • Studies indicate that laser-treated wounds heal 30-50% faster than the typical required healing time.