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FAQ for Diode Laser

Classification: FAQ



Release Time:2023-08-21 13:04

1. What is diode laser?

  • Diode laser is a semiconductor laser. It is a class of lasers that generate laser radiation through a semiconductor. Diode lasers vary in wavelength, power, and fiber type and are clinically utilized in two types of prostatectomy procedures: Diode laser vaporization of the prostate (DiVAP) and diode laser enucleation of the prostate (DiLEP).

2. What does diode laser do?

  • Diode lasers deliver wavelengths ranging from 810 to 1064 nm. Diode lasers are compact and portable solid-state units. They are used strictly for soft tissue procedures and penetrate 2 to 3 mm or more into soft tissue, depending on the wavelength and tissue biotype. Diode laser wavelengths are absorbed by pigmented structures, making them ideal for cutting melanotic or highly vascularized soft tissues and providing hemostasis.

3. How Does A Diode Laser Work? 

  • Diode lasers use the principle of selective photothermolysis (abbreviated SPTL) to target specific chromophores in the skin, usually melanin or blood. The lasers damage the chromophores by selectively heating them while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.