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ML040-CF with ENT handle

Featuring an excellent design, compact structure, elegant appearance, and reliable performance, this laser device is widely utilized in various fields such as gynecology, dermatology, cosmetology, surgery, and E.N.T. It serves purposes including cutting, vaporizing, cauterizing, and solidifying care.

ML040-CF with ENT handle


  • CO2 laser produces higher power with relative efficiency, provide less tissue trauma and edema, which lead to minimal heat damage, much short time for healing
  • As ablation occurs, CO2 deep heating stimulates collagen growth and remodeling while offering the patient comfort level and convenience that approaches non-ablative resurfacing.
  • No matter normal handle for skin, or gynecology handle for vaginal use, fractional technology distribute the laser energy in an even pattern, which produces balanced vaporization, coagulation, and the thermal effects on the tissues. These effects cause collagen contraction, producing a tightening effect that is considered to be effective for the resurfacing.
  • The combination of surgical, ENT based on different handles, help the CO2 laser system extend more clinical applications.


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