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ML040-CF+ (Gynecology Handpiece)

The Laser Vagina Rejuvenation procedure is a plastic gynecological treatment that aims to restore and transform the anatomy and anatomical functionality of the vagina, leading to a more satisfying sexual experience. This procedure effectively restores, tightens, and enhances the overall tone of the vaginal walls, potentially improving anatomical functionality as well. In addition to surface transformation, it also results in a narrowing of the vaginal canal.

ML040-CF+ (Gynecology Handpiece)


  • CO2 laser generates higher power with relative efficiency, resulting in less tissue trauma and edema, which minimizes heat damage and accelerates healing time.
  • During the ablation process, CO2 deep heating stimulates collagen growth and remodeling, offering patients a level of comfort and convenience similar to non-ablative resurfacing.
  •  Whether using a regular handle for skin or a gynecology handle for vaginal applications, fractional technology evenly distributes laser energy, achieving balanced vaporization, coagulation, and thermal effects on tissues. These effects cause collagen contraction, leading to a tightening effect that is considered effective for resurfacing.
  • The combination of surgical, fractional, and gynecology techniques based on different handles allows the CO2 laser system to expand its range of clinical applications.
  • High-efficiency TEM00 Laser Mode Structure
  • Good stability, long lifespan, and lightweight design




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